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Using Facebook on VidTaggr
Tagging videos
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In order to tagg videos or use some of the added features on vidtaggr, you’ll need to login with Facebook. Instead of yet another website username and password, VidTaggr uses FacebookConnect to make it easy for you to tagg videos and share your favorite movies and videos with your friends.

Facebook permissions
VidTaggr is not like so many other Facebook applications that post to your friend’s walls or spam your feed with posts and invites. The first time you login to VidTaggr using FacebookConnect (or the first time you try to tagg a video), you’ll be asked to “connect” VidTaggr with your Facebook account. Be sure to give VidTaggr publish permissions so that when you tagg a video, that tagg can automatically be posted to your Facebook wall (you can always uncheck the “Also post to Facebook” checkbox when you’re tagging.) In addition, you can go to your “Application Settings” on Facebook and click the “Edit Settings” link next to the “vidtaggr” application.

Facebook Like buttons

The Facebook “Like” buttons () allows you to “Like” a video or movie on Facebook. Over time, your friends will be able to tell what movies, and what kind of movies you like best.

Tagging videos

Add tagg

To tagg a video, you need to be logged in. When you come to a point in a video that you want to tagg, click the “ add tagg” link. The video will pause, and a text entry box will open where you can enter up to 600 characters (including web links.) When you’re done entering the tagg, click the “Save” link, and the tagg will be saved and the video will automatically start playing again.

Adding website addresses in a tagg

When you add a tagg, you can include web addresses to appropriate content outside of the VidTaggr website by using the opening and closing “sqaure brackets” around the web address and the link text. The basic format looks like this: [http://address Link text]   Here are some examples:
[ vidtaggr]
[ Back To The Future Trilogy]
[ Microsoft]
[ The Road to Bodie]
Remember that only 600 characters are allowed in a tagg though, which includes long web addresses.

Jump Forward/Back

The “ BACK 10 secs.” and “ FORWARD 10 secs.” buttons allow you to easily find that exact spot in a video to tagg – or to skip past – in increments of 10 seconds.

Clear list
The button will clear the list of taggs that have accumulated. Although there’s no way to undo this, you can always click the button to see all of the taggs for the video you’re watching.

Inappropriate flag

If you see a tagg that is “spam”, rude, crude or otherwise inappropriate, clicking the (flag) icon next to the offending tagg will prompt you to confirm that you want to flag that tagg. Taggs that are flagged by several people will be reviewed by the site moderators.

Acceptable and unacceptable taggs

Although you’ll want to share all kinds of taggs and links for your favorite videos, there are some taggs that are acceptable and some that are not:


  • Taggd as Product: “California Raisins were popular in the 80’s, party due to the catchy TV ads featuring animated Raisins.”
  • Taggd as Trivia: “Pixar’s “Lamp” mascot has a name – it’s Luxo.”
  • Taggd as Geography: “Filming location: “Dave’s condo” is located at the River City Condos, 800 South Wells, Chicago, IL 60607″
  • Taggd as People: “Abraham Lincoln, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front – Library of Congress”


Inappropriate taggs and links are reported by other users, and are reviewed by the moderators. If a user is repeatedly tagging videos with unacceptable or offending taggs, their taggs and access to VidTaggr may be removed. Here are some examples:

  • offensive text/words/phrases
  • links that send watchers to pornographic, or even sites with questionable nudity will be removed.
  • links or redirections to products with affiliate IDs.
  • non-standard text (i.e. scripting, html, etc.)
  • comments or opinions that don’t directly relate to the scene being taggd.