What is VidTaggr?


VidTaggr is an innovative website designed for users who want a more interactive, interesting and fun way to watch and engage with YouTube videos.

“Taggs” are blocks of text that contain information about a specific moment in a video. A tagg includes text and web links that direct a viewer to supporting facts or other content. Taggs are displayed in real-time with YouTube videos so viewers can learn interesting trivia, get biographical information of people on screen, get links to maps, find out what songs are playing in the background, learn about filming goofs, and find out just about anything else a film-maker or fan could want.

Users can share specific taggs which will highlight the shared tagg when a user clicks the link. Plus, anyone can search for taggs in any video on VidTaggr. And returning users can learn something new with each visit since taggs are added all the time.

Users with Facebook accounts can add and edit their taggs, see what videos they’ve watched and .

VidTaggr also gives content creators a more dynamic way to share details with anyone who watches their content – whether it be videos, or podcasts.

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Get the VidTaggr bookmarklet

Easily watch and tagg YouTube videos on VidTaggr with this bookmarklet. To use this feature, drag-and-drop the button below to your favorites / bookmark toolbar.

Watch on VidTaggr

Then, while watching a YouTube video, click the bookmarklet, and you’ll load the video into VidTaggr.